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Spruch zum Wochenende: Wenn Löwenzahn zur Pusteblume wird

„Bright little Dandelion lights up the meads, swings on her slender foot, telleth her beads, lists to the robin’s note poured from above; wise little Dandelion asks not for love.

Cold lie the daisy banks clothed but in green, where, in the days agone, bright hues were seen. Wild pinks are slumbering, violets delay; true little Dandelion greeteth the May.

Brave little Dandelion! Fast falls the snow, bending the daffodil’s haughty head low. Under that fleecy tent, careless of cold, blithe little Dandelion counteth her gold.

Meek little Dandelion groweth more fair, till dies the amber dew out from her hair. High rides the thirsty sun, fiercely and high; faint little Dandelion closeth her eye.

Pale little Dandelion, in her white shroud, heareth the angel-breeze call from the cloud; tiny plumes fluttering make no delay; little winged Dandelion soareth away.“ (Helen Barron Bostwick)

Ich wünsch euch ein schönes Wochenenden – fest Pusten, Augen schließen und ganz ganz ganz fest was wünschen ❤️