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Spruch zum Wochenende: True Love

62 Jahre war ein bezaubernder New Yorker mit seiner „True Love“ verheiratet. Gefunden und gesprochen hat ihn Brandon Stanton für sein bewegendes Blog-Projekt Humans of New York. Mich fasziniert die Einfachheit seiner Sicht zur Liebe, zur Entwicklung einer Beziehung, zum Gefühl füreinander.

„My wife used to say: ‘We are one.’ And believe me, she was not the type of person to overstate something. Now that she’s gone, I realize how right she was. So much of our lives were linked. We were very physical and affectionate. But we also shared every ritual of our life. I miss her every time I leave a movie and can’t ask for her opinion. Or every time I go to a restaurant and can’t give her a taste of my chicken. I miss her most at night. We got in bed together at the same time every night.“ (Quelle)